Bijilo forest park

This is a wild unspoilt forest left for the animals! The nature trail in Bijilo Forest Park is over 4.5 km of signposted footpaths that winds its way through contrasting habitats of forest, coastal scrubland and sand dunes. The majority of it is reasonably level though there are several steeper inclines with roughed out steps. Here you will see lovely healthy monkeys all roaming free in their natural habitat. This rainforest is also home to various invertebrates, reptiles and mammalian species. The different type of Monkeys range from Green Vervet Monkeys, Western Red Colobus Monkeys, Senegal Bushbabies (Gulagos), Callithrix Monkey, Campbell’s Mona Monkey and Patas. This is an experience of a lifetime, truly seeing The Gambia for its wildlife and culture.

1273337199-bijilo-national-park-Gambia-Africa-Bijilo-National-Park  forest monkey

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