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The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa with a population of 2 million people but welcome over 100,000 tourists from around the world every year! These people come to visit The Gambia to witness one of the most magnificent African coastlines, embrace a new culture, and experience the amazing wildlife. No doubt The Gambia is a treat for the senses. Music fills the air and white beautiful beaches provide an endless bewitching aroma of authentic cuisine. The locals of The Gambia are friendly and welcoming to tourists, sharing their culture and cuisine with pride and enthusiasm. Visit The Gambia for your next vacation and discover why this beautiful country is nicknamed “The Smiling Coast of Africa”!

Capital: Banjul     

Currency: Dalasi (GMD)

Climate:Sub tropic climate

Population: 1.5million

Religious diversity: Islam – 85% of population. Christianity and other African Traditional Religions

Vibrant economy: Tourism is a major industry in The Gambia, however, there are others: Agriculture, agro-processing, fisheries, livestock and manufacturing.

The History of the Land

The Gambia achieved independence on 18th February, 1965, as a constitutional monarchy within the commonwealth. Five years later, on 24th April, 1970, The Gambia became a Republic within the Commonwealth, with Prime Minister Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, as Head of State. 

On 22nd July 1994, the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) seized power in a military coup d’état. After a strong showing at the polls in 1996, retired colonel Yahya AJJ Jammeh was sworn into office as First president of the Second Republic of The Gambia on 6th November, 1996. He has steered the ship of state since, winning another two consecutive elections; in 2001 and 2006 respectively. Today, The Gambia remains a stable and democratic state.

People and Culture

Hospitality is second to none!

The Gambia has a population of over 1.5million people belonging to eight groups as well as fairly large communities from neighbouring West African countries and Lebanon. We are an open and inviting society. Our hospitality is second to none. The people live harmoniously in communities, freely exercising their religious and cultural traditions.

Gambians are recognised all over the world for their spontaneous warm smile, their peace-loving nature and their hospitality.






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